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Our philosophy

Hey there folks! Glad you dropped by!

We help determined positive people become more endurant, faster, leaner, better versions of themselves!

We contribute to well-being and performance of amateur runners and triathletes striving to find such a balance so that mentees enjoy the sport both in competition and outside of it, in their day-to-day lives and even career progressions.

Dedication is required for Ironman or Ultra. We value teamwork, and we are supporting one another. Our coaching philosophy stresses the importance of integrity with the training group, while we’re developing the athletes individually.

We lead our athletes with positive morale and “achieve together” philosophy, even though we could be 10,000km away. Of course, winning philosophy is very important to us, as well as safety, across all disciplines.

Since 2015, we have helped amateur athletes compete, sport equipment start-ups get unbiased feedback, big and small corporate environments engage their employees' on wellbeing and endurance.

We build a high integrity focused team around our mentees, and support them throughout. We're present on-line in near real-time.

If you would like some help, or, know of anyone whom you might recommend us to, please, feel free to contact us.

Our @foodbuddy Instagram is ranked as Absolute Best in Singapore, and we're proud to share our food tips and nutriton inspirations there. Engage with us in comments and stories, there's always something going on!

Our Coaches
Liliia Sham

Nutrition geek, dancer, working mother

Arseny Chernov

Ironman triathlete, ultra-runner, certified specialist

Our Background

All of us are realistic about our mentees' schedule, as we work, or worked, for multi-nationals, banking and financial services firms and start-ups


We been racing ourselves in Singapore, South-East Asia, Australia, and collectively been to all possible temperature, altitude and terrain types on Earth


We done formal education to be able to share scientifically-backed knowledge with our mentees: Diploma In Nutrition Science (1 year) and Singapore Basic Sport Science (3 months)

Our Coaching Time Since 2016
Coaching Running and Cycling
Wellness Workshops
Coaching Cooking & Groceries
Weight Loss Interventions
In-Depth Athletic Products Review

Visible Results

All mentees are our main references, so we REALLY care about having results visible. Check in with them.

Goals Advisory

We admire our mentees and support them during journey towards realistic, calculated and bold goals. Dream big!


We speak (and think) English, Russian. And, since we're in Singapore 10+ years, Singlish also can. No Kan Cheong spider, lepak!

Wellness Workshops

We have ready-to-go presentations, talks and recipes. We also always follow-up to the audience!


Goals Advisory

Working backwards from realistically achievable goals to suit busy timelines of hard-working professionals.

Pre- and In-Race Nutrition

Making sure you're ready to show your Personal Best without hitting the porta potty

Groceries And Recipes Consulting

Assessments of office and home vicinity, commute and groceries options to create healthy and sustainable food choices habits

Research References

Our training and intervention programmes are backed by controlled studies and trust-worthy anecdotes that we are able to provide references to

Global Network and Knowledge

We travelled, trained and raced abroad in Asia-Pacifics, Europe and the US. Anywhere you travel to we'd have either a peer to buddy up or a recommendation for you.

Intention / Action Gap Adjustment

Plans consist of manageable goals that adjust based on realities of business travel, social functions and apologies

All Workshops Certificates Racing Weight Loss

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